The use of messaging apps in businesses has been growing greatly, especially in the last year. Whatsapp in particular has been chosen by many because it allows you to talk to your key audiences for free. Through this app, you are available anytime and anywhere.  In real estate, whether you’re an agent, broker or property consultant, buying or selling property is a long process. It involves tons of calls, emails, and many follow-ups. Agents who have a global clientele have probably used Whatsapp since it is the easiest way to reach potential foreign investors without purchasing an international calling plan. And this is not the only door Whatsapp opens for your real estate business. Here are some of the reasons why you should implement this messaging app in your communication plan. 


1.Engage in daily conversations with your potential customers. 

By using this messaging app, you can contact most, if not all, your database at all times. Once the lead adds you to their contact list, you can send them relevant information to spark their interest.  This can include exclusive offers, pictures and videos of the properties, brochures or other materials they have available. You can offer the latest updates about a property in a matter of seconds.  

When using Whatsapp, you can form a special bond with your customer. This increases the possibility of closing deals compared to emails or other traditional forms of communication. A personalized interaction in a channel the client feels comfortable in increases reliability and engagement, which is key in sales. Especially in real estate, which generally implies much thought and deliberation before purchasing. 


2. Offer Customer Support. 

Whatsapp provides a much faster channel to answer the questions or customer support related matters.  By using it you can engage in a personalized one to one conversation and guide the client through the solution to their inconvenience. 

You can also use these past inconveniences to your advantage when offering other properties or solutions to the same problem. Take these obstacles and turn them into opportunities for sales. 

To be ahead of your clientes and organize all this information, you can download different tools that can be integrated with Whatsapp that are meant to make follow-ups much easier and more efficient in the long run. CRMs are a great solution to keep track of text messages and log conversation details. It allows you to nurture your leads much more effectively. One great example of a tool that combines these two platforms is our WhatHub Integration, which connects your Whatsapp account with you HubSpot portal, one of the most used CRM platforms worldwide. 


3. Create Chat Groups

In Whatsapp you can organize certain contacts into groups based on similar characteristics and interests, such as area of residence, type of property that they are looking for, budget, and others. This will help you categorize your clientele more efficiently and offer them the best deals based on their needs. It also saves you time in sending messages to each one individually. 


4. Offer them what they want. 

Whatsapp offers unlimited messaging with your clients and you can save the whole conversation. Searching for a certain terms in a certain interaction is very simple and effective. This can help you categorize and determine if listing would be appealing to said client. No need to ask your contacts what they are looking for repeatedly. All their information will be there, in their conversation timeline. 

 As previously mentioned, if you use CRMs to follow up on your lead base, there are many tools that can help you gather all your contacts’ history on Whatsapp, as well as other channels, and centralize it in one place. Our WhatHub Integration can help you with that. 


5. Make your Offers much more attractive. 

This messaging app can be a great place to start a conversation and pitch the best property deals in the market. Whatsapp has become the #1 messaging app in the world, incorporated in all kinds of marketing strategies. Many real estate businesses have implemented it to showcase properties in a much more comfortable and enjoyable way. Since most of your international clientele uses Whatsapp on a daily basis, they find this channel much more personalized, safe and convenient.  By using it, your business shows it prioritizes customer experience and that it really cares about what your target audience has to say, increasing credibility in your communication. 


As you can see, these are some of the many reasons why Whatsapp can be great for your Real Estate business. The list can go on. Traditional channels of communication are slowly being outdated by these new forms. It is time to change and start implementing these more efficient and effective forms of B2C communication.

We would be glad to help you make this transition in your business in the most seamless way possible. If you have further questions about how you can implement Whatsapp and more, we are here to answer all your inquiries and help you in anything you may need.