The Challenge

GoStudent is an e-learning startup that offers personalized online tutoring sessions for students between the ages of 6 and 19 years old. They have booked more than 55,000 monthly sessions and have more than 1,000 active digital teachers on their successful platform. 

Until September 2019, GoStudent was using HubSpot and Whatsapp separately to contact their main prospects, the children’s parents.  Working with both platforms parallely became overwhelming, due to the fact that the sales team wasn’t able to keep track the information sent in either platform. Logging in information manually and having to save each phone number individually became very time consuming. This became more evident when the institution began to grow and more potential clients began to come in. 

This was the starting point for the search for a HubSpot integration that could fix that. 


The Solution

After extensively searching for a tool  that best fit for their needs, GoStudent found Leadsruptive’s solution: WhatHub. By implementing this integration, they were able to channel all the information more efficiently and faster. 

Sales representatives registered contacts created through HubSpot in Whatsapp immediately with WhatHub. By clicking on the Whatsapp icon, they were redirected to the right conversation.  They could also find the contact’s information and have some of the main HubSpot functions in Whatsapp. Some of these were the “New Task”, “Create a Deal” and “Add Note” buttons. These were automatically synchronized with the digital portal. 

Leadsruptive’s integration also offered the possibility of creating new contacts directly from Whatsapp when it entered directly through the sales representative’s phone number.  Then, the HubSpot portal registered the information. The conversation was logged into the timeline instantly and no extra time was spent creating it individually. 

All tasks became much more automated and efficient, which made communication much faster and personalized to the prospect’s needs. 


The Results

GoStudent was able to focus all the information in one place and this improved the workflow greatly. This institution met the requirements their growing audience seeked for because they had all the data synchronized between both portals

It was an easy implementation process and a very clear solution to their previous problem. The “New Task” and “Add Note” features were some of the sales team’s favorites. One of the most valued aspects of the service was the fast response and technical help from the Leadsruptive team whenever they found a problem they needed assistance with. 


The Impact

The sales representatives had a very positive experience with the tool, which they used on a daily, if not hourly, basis. When GoStudent started using the WhatHub integration there were 8 people on the sales team. Now, there are 35 people and plan on growing to 60 by the end of the year. A distinguished educational institution such as this one requires a well organized system to make it work, especially when it is digitally based. Leadsruptive’s WhatHub integration made it possible. 

“In a few words, WhatHub is a very easy implementation that helped us to increase our efficiency in the Sales Team. It is a real time saver for sales reps.” – Laura Weiner, CMO at GoStudent, said.

GoStudent is now expanding to France in July, and Spain will soon follow, as well as the rest of the European market. 

To learn more about GoStudent and what services they offer, visit them here.