Technical Consulting: 4 Hour Overview

Leadsrupve HubSpot’s Technical Consulting team provides services in English and Spanish aiming to help you tackle your technical projects ensuring you have the absolute best HubSpot implementation possible. We’ll help you understand exactly how HubSpot fits into your business, helping ensure it’s seamlessly integrated into your marketing and sales process. We’ll help you both design the solution and answer any technical questions along the way. Some of the things we frequently help with include:

  • API integrations (explaining documentation, troubleshooting technical challenges, recommending endpoints)
  • Technical implementation and solution design
  • Custom design work within HubSpot
  • Common integration connectors and platforms (ex: Shopify, Salesforce, Scribe, Bedrock, Zapier)
  • Training new system administrators
  • Technical process documentation
  • CRM audits and migrations

Key Details


Price: $800

Language Availability: English, Spanish

Setting: Remote



Custom Tech Consulting Bundle (one time)