Lead  Assignment was never easier

Add more power to your Workflows with these three simple ways to Assign and Rotate leads in HubSpot Marketing Pro / Enterprise

* No paid HubSpot Sales / Services seats required


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Assign owner to a lead

Assign a contact owner from any HubSpot workflow either directly or based on other property field

Great for assigning owners based on a custom URL parameter (domain.com/landing-page?owner=12345)

All users are available as owners regardless of Sales/Services seats

100% Free (up to 5 users)


Lead Assign Lite
HubRotate Lite
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Lead Rotation Lite

Simple random assignment ideal for small teams

Rotate leads among a set of 2-40  Owners

Similar to old "Rotate Leads" workflow task

You can do even distribution or set extra weight to some owners to increase their chances to get the next lead assigned.


Lead Rotation Lite

HubRotate Pro

Lead Rotation Pro

More powerful than basic HubSpot "Lead Rotation" workflow task

Support  weighted distribution among multiple Teams and Individual Owners

Configuration portal to create custom rules

Support for multiple distribution approaches (Random, sequential, weighted)

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*HubAssign is free for portals with up to  5 active agents. Active agents defined as max unique HubSpot users configured for rotation and/or assigned to a contact on any workflow task that was executed in the last 90 days.