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Whathub is the most popular HubSpot-Whatsapp Integration, serving more than 3,000 companies in 98 countries.

Record conversations in the contact's timeline, company, deals & tickets.

Display and manage contact info within Whatsapp.

Create contacts, new deals, assign leads, create tasks and more!

Whathub works with ALL HubSpot versions, from Free CRM to Enterprise Suite, and it works with Personal Whatsapp and Whatsapp Business accounts.

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Lead Rotation

Our automated lead assignment and lead rotation tools allow Hubspot Marketing users to use workflows to assign contacts to owners, and rotate leads among multiple contacts and teams.

Easy to use.

Rotation lite supports up to 20 contacts.

Lead Rotation Pro supports teams, rules, weighted distribution and more.

Works with HubSpot Marketing Pro & Enterprise (no need for Sales/Services Licenses)


Extend basic webhook trigger functionality by calling external endpoints with custom data fields.

Send Contact, Company & Deal info.

Works with HubSpot Marketing Pro & Enterprise

Custom JSON Designer


HubSpot Elite Partner