Custom integrations and Extensions

Our team has extensive experience working with HubSpot API and they we have worked in software development and custom integrations for several years. We specialize in one of a kind integration scenarios involiving CRM extensions, Property Mapping, Timeline Events, WebHooks, Workflow Extensions, and UI intervention/add-ons.

We’ll work with you designing the most appropriate solution combining existing third party  connectors (ex: Shopify, Salesforce, Scribe, Bedrock, Zapier) with our connectors and custom development. We aim at finding a balance between implementation project cost/length and long term TCO.

We assisted HubSpot clients in diverse scenarios including:

  • Complex lead rotation rules involving multiple teams and weighted distribution
  • Displaying third party content withing HubSpot Contact View
  • Updating HubSpot Deals from home grown ERP software
  • Creation of contacts from external webhooks
  • Appending contact/company records with data from third party systems
  • Sync between multiple CRM solutions
  • Ongoing Data Cleansing
  • Custom multi-object webhook payloads.

Key Details


Price: Starting at $5,000

Project Duration: Usually between 2 and 8 weeks