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Log your conversations

Tracking all communications with your contacts is a vital step of the Inbound Methodology. WhatHub allows you to record your Whatsapp conversation in your contacts timeline.


Messages synced on a regular basis.

Log conversations handled through phone & Web.

Optimized UI supporting multiple messages per timeline item.


Show contact info

Your contacts connect with you through multiple channels. Many times they send a text message but you don't know who they are until they ask.


See contact and company information.

Support for custom properties.

Extended info.


Preform CRM actions from Whatsapp


Create Contact.

Assign Owner.

Create Tasks.

Manage Tickets, Deals and More!




Send WhatsApp messages from HubSpot

Your sales team can now send WhatsApp messages from the contact page just like they send emails or log calls.


HubSpot Solution Partners

WhatHub affiliate program is designed for HubSpot solution Partners to make money while helping their clients integrate the best CRM with the most popular messaging tool.


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You operate in a non-US Market? Your client's contacts prefer Whatsapp



Product Roadmap

We are actively working on improving WhatHub


Initial Release

Initial release includes:
Contact Timeline Integration
Show contact info in WhatsApp sidebar
Add new contact
Support for multiple operators/phone lines
Create Notes & Tasks
Show Deal Information.
Send WhatsApp messages from HubSpot.
Update Owner and Lifecycle stage.
Many more!

Phase Two (Completed!)

Our engineering team is working on providing more features including:
Save messages to HubSpot Deals/Companies
Show Tickets / Create new Ticket. 
Support for WhatsApp Groups. 
Select/Save individual messages. 
Update contact info

Phase Three

Our product team is exploring further possibilities including extending HubSpot contact dashboard to allow the user to send WhatsApp messages from HubSpot workflows and integration of a new WhatsApp Business API feature.



Per Month
When Paid Annually
($12/month when paid monthly)

  • Try Whathub!
  • ✔ 2,500 synced messages/mo
  • ✔ 500 outbound messages/mo
  • ✔ 250 engagements/mo (tasks+notes)
  • ❌Tickets+Deals
  • ❌WhatsApp Groups
  • ❌“WhatHub” branding
  • ⚠ Only available for Free CRM / Starter Users
  • ⚠ Max 1 user/phone line per portal
  • Try Whathub!

Per Month, Per User
When Paid Annually
($30/month when paid monthly)

  • Try Whathub!
  • ✔ 7,500 synced messages/mo
  • ✔ 1,500 outbound messages/mo
  • ✔ 750 engagements/mo (tasks+notes)
  • ❌Tickets+Deals
  • ❌WhatsApp Groups
  • ✔ Branding removed
  • ✔ Basic features to get you started
  • ✔ Ideal for Small Teams
  • You can buy up to 5 users/phones per HubSpot account.
  • Try Whathub!

Per Month, Per User (5+ seats req)
When Paid Annually
($48/month when paid monthly)

  • Try Whathub!
  • ✔ 10,000 synced messages/mo
  • ✔ 2,000 outbound messages/mo
  • ✔ 1,000 engagements (tasks+notes)
  • ✔ Tickets+Deals
  • ✔ WhatsApp Groups
  • ✔ Branding removed
  • ✔ More features and flexibility
  • ✔ Mid-Large teams
  • Minimum purchase 5 users/phones per HubSpot account.
  • Try Whathub!
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  • Try Whathub!
  • ✔ Unlimited synced messages/mo
  • ✔ Unlimited outbound messages
  • ✔ Unlimited engagements
  • ✔ Tickets+Deals
  • ✔ WhatsApp Groups
  • ✔ Branding removed
  • ✔ Scalable and customizable
  • ✔ Corporate users
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WhatHub is not supported or endorsed in any manner by WhatsApp Inc. WhatsApp Messenger is a proprietary cross-platform Instant Messaging service for Smart-Phones that is owned and provided by WhatsApp Inc. WhatsApp is a brand of Facebook Inc.