HubSpot + WhatsApp

WhatHub: WhatsApp meets HubSpot

For years we've heard many HubSpot users and colleagues from other Hubspot Partner Agencies talk about their need to integrate WhatsApp with the CRM.  Last year we accepted the challenge and began the exploratory phase for what is now called WhatHub, the first integration solution between HubSpot CRM and Whatsapp!

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HubSpot Timeline

Log your conversations

Tracking all communications with your contacts is a vital step of the Inbound Methodology. WhatHub allows you to record your WhatsApp conversations in your contacts' timeline


Messages synced on a  regular basis

Log conversations handled through phone & Web

Optimized UI supporting multiple messages per timeline item.

Show contact info

Your contacts connect with you through mutliple channels. Many times they send a text message but you dont know who they are until you ask


See Contact & Company Information

Support for custom properties

Extended info

WhatApp Sidebar
Create Tasks

Perform CRM actions from WhatsApp

Hubspot Actions

Create Contact

Assign Owner

Create Tasks

Many more!

Send WhatsApp messages from HubSpot

Your sales team con now send WhatsApp messages from the contact page just like they send emails or log calls

WhatApp Sidebar

HubSpot Partner Agencies

WhatHub affiliate program is designed for HubSpot Partner Agencies to make money while helping their clients integrate the best CRM with the most popular messaging tool

HubSpot Agenciy Partners

You operate in a non-US Market? Your client's contacts prefer WhatsApp

Learn about becoming a WhatHub Partner

Frequently Asked Questions

WhatHub is currently in Beta. Those that get accepted into the beta program will get access to it for free until the solution becomes commercially available. The licensing will be based on # of users/phone #s. Once the product is officially release we will publish the tiers and pricing.

WhatHub does not require that you use WhatsApp business. You can use WhatHub to connect both Personal and Business accounts to HubSpot. You can even combine both types of WhatsApp accounts and connect them all to one HubSpot Portal!

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Product Roadmap

We are actively working on improving WhatHub.

Initial Release

Initial release includes:

  • Contact Timeline Integration
  • Show contact info in WhatsApp sidebar
  • Add new contact
  • Support for multiple operators/phone lines
  • Create Notes & Tasks
  • Show Deal information
  • Send WhatsApp messages from HubSpot
  • Update Owner and Lifecycle stage
  • Many more!

Phase Two

Our engineering team is working on providing more features inlcuding:

  • Create New Deals
  • Show Tickets / Create new Ticket
  • Create Meetings
  • Show Active Engagements (meetings, task, notes)
  • Update contact info

Phase Three

Our product team is exploring further posibilties including extending HubSpot contact dashboard to allow the user to send WhatsApp messages from HubSpot workflows and integration of new WhatsApp Business API features


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WhatHub is free to use during the beta period

WhatHub is not supported or endorsed in any manner by WhatsApp Inc. WhatsApp Messenger is a proprietary cross-platform Instant Messaging service for Smart-Phones that is owned and provided by WhatsApp Inc. WhatsApp is a brand of Facebook Inc.