The Education market was once government-funded and perceived as a purely bureaucratic group of institutions. Now, it is seen as any other business, and people demand a good user and customer experience. Their marketing strategies have become way more competitive and complex, having to adapt to new trends and ways of managing their brand. They have to be much more aware of their target persona at all time and find them in their “habitat”. And this is in digital media, especially social media and messaging apps (WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, We Chat and others). 

It doesn’t matter if your key demographic includes students, parents or even tutors. Most people of all ages are using messaging apps. And with more than 2 billion users, WhatsApp is the most used one. Especially if you are working with an international audience, its very likely they have a WhatsApp account.

Source: Statista 

This messaging app is free to download and was built with the small business owner in mind (source: Whatsapp). Its API provides a new communication platform that is more personal and user friendly. This is great for any kind of business, but especially for educational institutions.

But how will WhatsApp benefit my school, institute or business? Here are some of the key benefits of implementing this app in your Education Marketing Strategy:

1.Great Lead Generation

People are used to receiving marketing messages all the time, that is through promotion emails or ads on social media. But they want more. They seek human connections in a much more personalized way, and want a one on one conversation with a real person. This is why they prefer a conversation through a messaging app, such as WhatsApp, when contacting a brand. The intimacy and the convenience of this channel will attract much more leads to your business. By redirecting them to Whatsapp, you’ll have your potential client’s phone number and the possibility of getting in touch with them anytime. You’ll be able to nurture your leads much more organically and create a special bond, which can help you close more deals.

This is truly valuable in the education industry, where you are trying to sell a service that will change a person’s life personally and professionally. The client should trust and be confident about their choice of education and, as an institution dedicated to just that, you should convey it. You should show your key competitive advantages and what better way to do it than through a personal conversation with your prospects.

2. Make Yourself Available

Offering a communication channel that is so common to your audience is a great way to offer them the best customer service. Messaging allows a real-time direct communication with your target clientele, and it’s a great way to get to know their interests and concerns. The service you provide will be much more personalized to your client’s needs and they will be much more eager to listen. Providing a WhatsApp phone number to get in contact grants them a sense of security and trust. This will make you available at all time in a good way.

3. Increase Engagement

WhatsApp conveys credibility and a personalized experience, which is why it is a great place to reach your key target. You can keep in touch, send regular updates about events, offers, news, and maintain their interest in your institution. You can send each client the information they are interested in. This can vary from types of courses, levels, fees and payment methods, events and more.

Also, messages have a higher opening rate than any other form of communication common in marketing strategies. According to Tech Jury, average users open WhatsApp 23 to 25 times on a daily basis. A great number of users prefer reading a message than talking on a call. Most people have their phones on them most of the time, which makes it easier for them to see and open a text message rather than an email for example.

Messaging is a much more effective way of interaction because users trust and feel comfortable with it. They trust they are speaking with a specific person and not a random person from the company. This will increase the response rate and their interest in your institute.

4. Increase Customer Retention

This goes hand in hand with the previous point about Customer Engagement. The Education industry, as any other business, has to have a marketing strategy that ensures customer loyalty. The most powerful aspect here is the client’s perception of your brand, specifically from the student / parent / tutor’s point of view. This perceived quality will be highly determined by the customer experience your institution has to offer. If you show yourself as a business that is open and available to them at all times, the perceived quality will increase. And if it does, the retention value will increase for sure.

By implementing WhatsApp in your strategy and frequent channels of communication, you provide a personalized service. Your target audience will sense this and trust your brand. Trust and loyalty are very subjective variables, but they are the most powerful ones.

5. Easy Re-Engagement

Marketing doesn’t end when the clients buy the product or service. It is an ongoing process that never ends. The clients who acquire are your best ambassadors. They will be the ones that will go tell their friends and acquaintances what your school is like. From the marketing point if view, you must try to make this a positive experience so that they feel the need to share it positively with others.

WhatsApp is a great channel to keep in touch with your clients even after they used your service. You can send the latest news about your school, amazing new courses you have to offer and much more. This messaging app makes it easier to forward relevant information to others. Your alumni can easily share this information with their acquaintances with just a click of a button.

This goes along the lines of what was previously mentioned. Once you have your loyal clientele secured, the rest comes naturally.

All in all, it is clear to say that messaging apps are here to stay. Its incorporation to your Education business’s plan is unavoidable. These are some of the many benefits of implementing WhatsApp in your school, university or institute. By using messaging apps you can improve your customer’s experience and generate better engagement and accessibility. 

If you have further questions about how you can implement WhatsApp in your business and what is the most efficient alternative for you, we are here to answer all your inquiries and help you in anything you need.