Frequent Support Questions

When you are logged in, WhatHub syncs messages from the contacts that are linked and set to sync. Please remember that this does not happen in real time, the frequency of the sync can be configured from the extension options screen. If after a few minutes you still don’t see any contacts being synced please check this:

  • Make sure you are logged in.
  • Check that the “filter by” option in HubSpot is has “WhatHub” enabled.
  • Make sure your contacts have the phone number stored in the “phone” property and that they include the country/area codes. HubSpot does not index the “mobile phone” property so it’s used to link contacts with WhatHub.
  • Verify that the “sync” option is set to “true” you can change that from WhatsApp or from HubSpot (it’s just a Contact Property!)


You don’t have to be an admin to install/use WhatHub, however basic user permissions are needed.

If you see this error message please make sure the user has access to VIEW and EDIT “contacts” (at least ” owned” and “unassigned”) and that it also has access to “lists” (under the “marketing” tab) .

Report a bug or share a suggestion for improvement